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About Us

Thea Jewels, a brand founded by Sowndarya, who truly believes in ‘Finding sparkle in every moment’. 

Starting out with a bunch of self designed and handcrafted beads jewelry, Thea Jewels was launched in 2018. Countless positive testimonials and client admirations on the brand led its expansion on the product line. Ranging from traditional ethnic concepts to voguish contemporary styles, catering to all jewelry needs. 

Ethically deep rooted, we strive to bring & present the most premium and unique jewelry concepts. To name a few, we specialize in Beads, Polki, Kundan, Gold Replica, Brass, Natural stones, American Diamonds & Fusion Jewelry. 

Adorned in elegance, our products are a mix of self designed and curated ones. Most of the products are crafted and intricately worked on by Indian artisans. 

From captivating designs to the finest craftsmanship, experience a blend of tradition and modernity, as each piece at Thea Jewels,  narrates a story. 

Delve into our world of exquisiteness and the beauty of our jewelry. 

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